Hot debate was to be had at the ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agent) Propertymark conference on the new Tenancy Fees Act. Clearly not being able to charge tenant’s fees is going to have a massive impact on some agents.

Hilariously, one of the agents who didn’t charge them, made reference to the fact that they didn’t have fleets of branded cars, something perhaps at least one of the larger agents on stage did!

Whatever the impact on agents, this is a topic all in, or planning to enter the rental market as a tenant or landlord need to know about. We have given some information below with links to useful resources.

What is the Tenant Fees Act and what does it do?

From 1 June the Tenant Fees Act kicks in. The Act prevents landlords and their agents from requiring tenants to make any payment as a condition of granting, renewing or continuing a tenancy apart from:

  • Rent
  • A capped refundable Tenancy Deposit
  • A capped refundable Holding Deposit
  • Payments in the event of a default
  • Payment on variation, assignment or novation of a tenancy
  • Payment on termination (surrender) of a tenancy
  • Payments in respect of Council Tax
  • Payments for utilities (electricity, gas or other fuel, water or sewage)
  • Payments for a television licence
  • Communication services (telephone other than a mobile telephone;the internet; cable television, satellite television)
  • Green Deal charge

This applies to all tenancy agreements signed on or after 1 June 2019.

Where can I find out more?

The UK Government has produced booklet for tenant’s, landlords and lettings agents as well as enforcement authorities. You can find all of this on the publications website

  1. Tenant’s guidance link to pdf Government publication
  2. Landlords and Lettings Agents link to pdf Government publication

If you wish to read the whole act find it here on the website

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