Discover your hidden, local, Revive Reuse Shop

You're having a clear out. There's a few bags of stuff for the charity shop, there's a few bags of hand-me-downs for friend's and relatives, there's the stuff to sell on eBay, there's the stuff for the local recycling centre/dump. Barrowell Green recycling centre in Winchmore Hill is always my first stop for those items [...]

How to save water and the impact of saving water during our everyday lives

The average person uses 150 litres of water everyday. According to Water UK that equates to £405 per year or £33.75 per month for the average household in the UK. It may also interest you to know (if you don't already) that water makes up 70% of the earth. 97.5% of the earth's water supply [...]

Are low energy light bulbs worth it?

A better Energy Performance Certificate rating for your property, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint are reasons for choosing a low energy light bulb.... and the EU Directive banning the import or manufacture of incandescent light bulbs is now in effect. But are they worth it?  It is universally agreed that low energy light [...]

Rental property with an F or G EPC? You need to up your property’s EPC rating

NEW rules kicked in on 1 April 2019, which mean landlords with properties on the Private Rental Sector (PRS) exemption register because their rental properties were rated at an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) F or G must now contribute £3,500 to improving the minimum energy efficiency standard of each of their properties that falls below [...]

The Tenant Fees Act

Hot debate was to be had at the ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agent) Propertymark conference on the new Tenancy Fees Act. Clearly not being able to charge tenant's fees is going to have a massive impact on some agents. Hilariously, one of the agents who didn't charge them, made reference to the fact that [...]