If you need Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in your rental property or business, look no further than Rosecroft Property Services. We are fully, trained, certified and insured to carry out PAT testing.

Whether you are a business, landlord, letting agent or providing a service to the public, it is essential to PAT test your portable electrical appliances regularly to meet your insurance and health and safety obligations. Rosecroft Property Services provide this as a stand alone service, as part of your property MOT, or with any of our other services including inventory management, inspections, Legionella risk assessments, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm testing and Energy Performance Certificates.

What is portable appliance testing (PAT)?

PAT or portable appliance testing is a way of checking your portable electrical equipment (anything with a plug) to see if it is safe.
Find out more about Portable appliance testing at the Health and Safety Executive website

A detailed and dependable inspection

  • PAT tests carried out by certified, professional PAT tester
  • Visual inspection of each appliance, flex and plug top
  • Internal inspection of plugs
  • Electrical tests  to ensure that it is properly earthed and insulated
  • Labelling appliances to indicate whether they have passed or failed as well as additional information including the test date
  • We will produce an inventory of your tested electrical appliances and issue a certificate

Contact us today about your PAT test requirements for your business, rental property or home as a stand alone service, part of your property MOT or to book with any of our other services.

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